002: Know Yourself

In this episode of Get On Track, I dive deep into the importance of self-awareness and personal growth in driving success in business and life. I share my own journey of realizing that the biggest obstacle in the growth of a young business is often the business owner themselves and how I had to learn to ask for help and grow as a person to scale my business. 

We explore the challenges faced by entrepreneurs with high “A” personalities and the importance of being aware of one’s survival function, rewiring memorized emotions, and implementing systems and rules within the business. I also discuss the different types of business owners and how understanding your own strengths and weaknesses can help you build a more effective team. 

This episode sets the foundation for upcoming conversations with high-performing race car drivers, successful entrepreneurs, and experts in mindset and marketing. So whether you’re a race car driver, business owner, or someone looking to start a side hustle, the insights shared in this episode aim to help you grow and succeed in your chosen path.

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • The Law of the Lid
  • The Dangers of Micromanaging
  • Survival and Executive States
  • Hiring for the Right Personality Fit
  • Business Owner Identity

Resources from this episode:

Culture Index – https://www.cultureindex.com/ 

Systemology – https://www.systemology.com/ 

E-Myth by Michael Gerber –  https://www.amazon.com/Myth-Revisited-Small-Businesses-About/dp/0887307280 

Jim Adams Consulting – Four Types of Business Owners Test – https://go.jimadamsconsulting.com/home 

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