Find at least 100k of missing money.

Get a plan to make that back and pull yourself out of survival mode.

Start here:
Diagnose your books.

Talking about numbers feels a bit like “don’t talk to strangers,” right? Mom always taught you that these things aren’t polite—like religion or politics—and you don’t want to be the weird person at the party.

We can leave religion and politics out for now, but I do want into your numbers. The language of business is numbers, and to establish a route out of the constant fires, that’s the language we have to speak.

Leverage metrics to grow and scale.

You’re good at what you do. You’ve had some success, but you’re just not getting credit for it consistently in your sales, your bottom line, or where it counts most—your bank account. You don’t have time to study or add another thing to your list, and honestly? You don’t need to know everything to run your business well.

Everything starts with the practical use of numbers—something others often avoid because they don’t know their way around a P&L statement. You probably didn’t get into this for the joy of keeping your books. Anyone can throw a textbook at you, but you don’t need to learn Business Management with a Capital B to scale.

You just need to learn your numbers and how to use them to make better decisions.

You’re sitting on money you don’t realize you have, and the first step to making your business work for you instead of the other way around is to take inventory. This first step is how you dig to the root of what’s causing issues so you can [scale to 7-figures/find 100s of thousands missing in your business].

My specialty is systematically helping you run a more profitable business—instead of suffering in a business that runs you into the ground.

So let’s find that money.

The Sprint

To do this right, we have to start with the numbers. There’s no judgment, but also no space for BS if you want a 7 figure business.

This isn’t for business owners getting things started—it’s to optimize one that’s already off the ground.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and because you’re stuck in the middle of it, you can’t see what you need to do differently. We start by asking key questions to help you realize the gold mine that you’re sitting on. 

What are the REAL problems holding you back? With The Sprint, you will:

Using my proven method, this intensive will leave you with the custom solutions to get you on the right track.

The Endurance Method

Every business is different, but the steps all follow to make things easier are the same. By systematically solving one problem before moving on to the next, we can find more money in your business, self-awareness to become an owner instead of an operator, and make better decisions to scale.

Because scaling doesn’t need to be so f*cking hard.


Increase your field of vision for better self-awareness.

Take inventory to stop playing small.

You need to know what type of business owner you are in order to grow. You might be great at some things, but you can’t be good at everything (or at least most aren’t–you might be a rare unicorn). As entrepreneurs, we need to wear multiple hats for a while, but that’s not sustainable. By taking inventory of your ownership style, you’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses and how to start building a championship team.


Remember to breathe when making money decisions.

A better approach to money mindset for non-woo people.

Spoiler: Your money problems aren’t money problems. The problem is with how you think about money, and the solution requires taking the emotion out of your money decisions. By removing emotions without compromising your instincts, you’ll make better money decisions.

Loosen your grip to offload better.

It’s not your job to fight every damn fire.

When you understand the numbers in your business, you will make better decisions on how to delegate, whether hiring internally or outsourcing to experts. There should always be a return on investment. When you understand your metrics, you’ll be a better leader for your management team, so they can execute results and drive the business forward without relying on you all the time.

Spend more time on things that get results and less time on busy work.

Over just 4 weeks, we’ll audit your business, covering all core areas:

  1. Team and Owner Drive. What’s motivating the business day-to-day? You need to look at more than your bank account if you want to find the money.
  2. Measurements: Examine the business model and current finances to find wasted money–what can be fixed? What do you fix first? How will you measure success?
  3. Team Assessment: Identify who is costing you money, who is making you money, and who is coasting (and has to go).
  4. Advertising Opportunities: Understand what you should invest in advertising–if anything. This is a specialty of mine.
  5. Other Investments: Know the areas of your business that you can and should invest in next for the highest return.

The result is a clear diagnosis of problem spots to fix ASAP, like:

And so much more. Others who work to implement The Endurance Method see amazing results.

After this audit, you’ll know the exact actions to take if you want to get more money in your bank account and overcome whatever is standing in your way. From there, you can try to fix those problems on your own or fast-track your success by working on this together.


Investment: Starting at 10,000 USD*

Money-back guarantee.

You should never have to invest in something out of your own pocket. The goal is to find money so the audit pays for itself. I’m so confident about this that I’ll give you your money back if we can’t find the money to cover my fees.

What are you waiting for?