Accelerating Your Passion for Motorsport with the Driving Club at Road Atlanta

The thrill of speed, the beauty of community, and the savoring of delicious beverages – all these elements come together in the remarkable journey of Trip Campbell, the driving force behind the Driving Club at Road Atlanta. 

A Passion for Speed and Community: The Story of Trip Campbell

Trip Campbell has had a love affair with motorsports that spanned a successful 20-year career in technology. This journey led him to create the Driving Club at Road Atlanta. The club offers a unique blend of adrenaline-pumping track-driving events and spirited social activities. 

Trip’s vision was to create a vibrant community where motorsport enthusiasts could share their passion and engage in camaraderie. He imagined a club where speed and community were celebrated equally. 

Phoenix Roasters Partnership: Fueling Conversations and Camaraderie

To add to the excitement, Trip has partnered with Phoenix Roasters, a local company known for its beverages. Phoenix Roasters’ nitro brew, sweet tea lemonade, maple vanilla chai, and stout have become staples at the Driving Club, fueling conversations and camaraderie among members.

This partnership also brings a dash of luxury to the Club Membership. Members can enjoy these refreshing beverages at the newly renovated and upscaled clubhouse, the Double Clutch. This partnership is just one of the ways the club creates a welcoming, convivial atmosphere for its members.

Driving Club Special Events: More than Just Racing

At the Driving Club, it’s not just about racing. The club hosts special events like F1 watch parties, single-day mountain drives, and even an awe-inspiring 100th-anniversary trip to Le Mans. 

These events give members the opportunity to share unforgettable experiences, from cheering on their favorite F1 teams to enjoying scenic drives in the mountains. They are a testament to the club’s commitment to creating a vibrant community that extends beyond the racetrack.

The Community at the Driving Club

At the heart of the Driving Club is its community. The club offers support to both beginners and experienced drivers, creating an environment where everyone can grow and develop their skills in motorsport. The sense of joy and accomplishment that comes with being part of this community is immeasurable. 

Join the Driving Community: An Invitation to Aspiring Drivers

The Driving Club at Road Atlanta offers a unique opportunity for anyone with a passion for motorsport. With its blend of speed, community, and luxury, it’s more than just a driving club – it’s a driving community. 

If you’re an aspiring driver or just a fan of motorsport, consider joining the Driving Club at Road Atlanta. Strap in and get ready for an exhilarating ride!

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