008: So You Wanna Be a Professional Race Car Driver With Johan Schwartz

Join me as I chat with Johan Schwartz, race car driver, Guinness Book World Record Holder, and family man. In this episode, we explore Johan’s journey to becoming a professional race car driver, his record-breaking drift achievements, and his current involvement with the SRO series. We discuss what it means to be a professional race car driver, how Johan’s passion and networking abilities have helped him find sponsors and create opportunities, and his upcoming race at the Virginia International Raceway. 

Listen in as we dive into the fascinating world of professional racing, discussing topics such as the business side of racing, the European indoor carting industry, and the importance of goal-setting for success. We also talk about the unique approach Johan took to setting his Guinness World Record for drifting, including the preparation, documentation, and creative funding strategies involved. 

Finally, we explore the details of the refueling process for a drift car, the physical and mental fitness required for such a feat, and the importance of maintaining the right angle and speed. We also look forward to upcoming interviews with other professional full-time race car drivers and Johan’s hopes for the show. Don’t miss this exciting conversation with Johan Schwartz, as we explore the world of professional racing and the incredible stories behind it!

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Track Racing With Johan Schwartz
  • The Business Side of Racing
  • The Business of Outdoor Go-Kart Racing
  • Setting a Guinness Drifting Record
  • World Record Fueling and Racing Strategies

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