012: Trip Campbell – Legendary Track, Epic Experiences w/ the Driving Club at Atlanta Founder/CEO

Join me as I have a conversation with Trip Campbell, founder and owner of the Driving Club at Road Atlanta, about his successful 20-year career in technology and his passion for cars and motorsports. Trip unveils his mission to foster a motor enthusiast culture in Atlanta, his experience on the track, and how the club has extended his family. We also discuss the exciting new Club Membership, shifting focus from track driving to a host of social activities, creating a unique blend of thrill and camaraderie.

Our conversation also revolves around the club’s special events, with Trip sharing his memorable experiences from the F1 watch parties, single-day mountain drives, and the 100th-anniversary trip to Le Mans. Listen in as he describes the numerous benefits of being a part of the Driving Club, the joy and sense of accomplishment he’s felt, and his favorite moments from his journey. 

Join us for this engaging discussion that marries the thrill of driving with the warmth of community.

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • The newly renovated clubhouse, the Double Clutch, which offers a luxury aspect to the club membership. 
  • Experiences from special events like the F1 watch parties, single-day mountain drives, and the 100th-anniversary trip to Le Mans.
  • The sense of joy, accomplishment, and personal growth associated with being part of the Driving Club community. 
  • The new Club Membership which is more focused on social activities and includes access to the renovated clubhouse and driving events.
  • Advice for those interested in joining the club and becoming part of the driving community.

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