021: IMSA Money

Join me as I share insights gained from the high-speed world of IMSA racing and the nuances of personal branding. Listen in as I unpack the financial juggernaut of competing in various classes of the IMSA series and what it truly means to chase that ‘IMSA money’. I explore the hefty investments required for racing dreams and reflect on the sobering parallels drawn between the personal branding sphere and the contentious multi-level marketing strategies.

Venture with me into a thought-provoking discussion on the power of aligning your career with your passions, breaking down the common misconceptions about money mindset, and the actual roadblocks that could be stifling your growth.

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • The financial investment needed for IMSA racing and the concept of ‘IMSA money.’
  • Comparisons between personal branding in racing and multi-level marketing tactics.
  • The qualifications and expertise required to become a top-paid racing coach.
  • The importance of capacity over mindset when creating opportunities and building a personal brand.
  • Strategies for expanding one’s capacity for opportunity creation in life and business.

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