003: Who Is In Your Right Seat?

Welcome to another episode of Get On Track, where we dive into the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people to help us achieve our goals in business, personal growth, and even racing. In this episode, we discuss the benefits of working with coaches, participating in mastermind groups, and seeking out experts to level up in various areas of our lives. 

We also explore how having someone in the right seat, guiding us in real-time, can make all the difference. We discuss the power of professional networking and the value of having an instructor or coach who can help us improve our skills and continuously uplevel our performance. We also emphasize the need for friends and colleagues who can support us on our journey and the benefits of being part of a mastermind group. 

Join us as we explore the concept of “who’s in your right seat” and learn how to build a well-rounded team for a more rewarding life. Remember, life is better together, both at the limit and beyond. 

So, who’s in your right seat? Tune in to find out!

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Achieving Success With Coaching and Masterminds
  • The Journey to Personal Transformation
  • Professional Networking Power
  • Team High Performance

Resources from this episode:

American Landscape Structures “Pavilion Catalog”:


Skip Barber Racing School: https://www.skipbarber.com/ 

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”: https://www.amazon.com/Think-Grow-Rich-Landmark-Bestseller/dp/1585424331 

David Hoffeld’s “The Science of Selling”: https://www.amazon.com/Science-Selling-Proven-Influence-Persuade/dp/0143129327

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