004: Build Your Championship Mindset w/ Matt Clark

Are your belief systems holding you back? They very well could be! In this episode, we have a conversation with Matt Clark, speaker and expert team strategist. His focus on the neuroscience of beliefs and his experience as a Nascar Championship pit crew coach for drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson gives him a unique perspective on mindset and performance. 

Matt understands the challenges of imposter syndrome, developing leaders, building teams, and achieving results in an extremely competitive environment. His passion is to help high performers build a championship mindset and help business leaders develop teams that drive performance. His personal and professional journey has given him invaluable insights and experience in life and business.


In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Matt’s role as the pit crew coach
  • What was different about Matt’s team that made them the championship racing team
  • How Matt helps teams deal with that high pressure when on that competitive edge
  • Getting into a flow state
  • The effect belief systems have on our lives
  • Can you teach an old dog new tricks
  • Matt’s journey over the last few years to get out of limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome

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